From ZERO to $59,185 in 57 days

“I used Patrick’s 3 steps to making videos, and a brand new video I made went from ZERO to $59,185 in 57 days. Now I'm just repeating the process and even using this with clients” 

- Sayan Sarkar, Sark Media Direct

$100,000 Per Month With Just One Video

“What Patrick teaches is solid. It’s helped me consistently sell over $100,000 per month… and I don’t even have to buy my own traffic"

- Cody Bramlett

First video in less than 24 hours for a 87% Conversion Increase

“I was terrified to make my first video… Until Patrick taught me his 3 step system for making them… I had my very first video live in less than 24 hours and it increased my conversion rate by 87%… This has doubled my traffic”

- Dennis Crosby, Happily Hooked 

What You'll Learn...

  • Patrick’s 3 step system for easily making videos (in a single afternoon) for free that suck in cash 
  • How to get FREE traffic to your videos (that actually converts)
  • How to “rig” these videos to convert viewers the first time they see them 
  • The free tools and software Patrick uses to make these videos
  • How to profit from these easy to make videos even if you don’t have a product yet

Video Profits Like You've Never Seen Before

Everything You Need To Make Videos, Get Traffic & Conversions… So You Can Start And Scale A Wildly Profitable Online Business


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